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If you have come to this page, then most likely you are considering the possibility of making polygonal sculptures for future income or you are already making money on it. We work to help you as much as possible in achieving success in the most ambitious projects.Polygonal sculptures will be a great addition to your activity or serious independent work. We took this problem as seriously as possible so that you can easily solve any problem.

In our catalog you will find a large number of models that are ideal not only for home decor, but also for business, you can make a decor for a coffee shop, ice cream kiosk, large store, bar or shopping center, create a large element for landscape design. Also for holidays and seasons you can offer many decor projects for your customers.

You can contact us to get advice when working on projects, our many years of experience will be useful to you.
We have the best specialists in the field of low-poly modeling. Therefore, we provide development services from a sketch to the final project, no matter what size or material you want to collect, we can prepare a professional layout.

Let’s talk, for whom the production of polygonal sculptures will be a great addition?
1. Event designers decorators.
2. Landscape designers
3. Architects
4. Printing houses
5. Creative workshops.
6. Other stakeholders engage in polygonal sculpture.
In the “equipment” section you can find a list of machines and tools needed for production. Having assessed your capabilities, you can try out the available equipment on free models by finding them in the catalog.

Lacrafta also offers a development service. Development from scratch stages:Redesign and adaptation of ready-made layouts from the catalog. You can change the parameters (for example, color scheme, size, design for various materials, metal and plastic wire).

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If you are preparing a showcase or photozone, use Photoshop to add projects from the site and offer them to the client. As you can see, all the sculptures are located on a white background, so they are easy to use in

Learn more about custom products

business offers. We offer quality templates so that you can count on them and on our information support.

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