DXF format to create polygonal sculptures

You can open the file using: AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and other programs. 

  • After downloading DXF files from our site, you can use them in different ways. When creating polygonal sculptures, we need to work with sheet materials. DXF files contain electronic drawings that can not only be printed on a printer, but also run on a laser milling or cutting machine.
  • You can plan and realize a product from plastic, metal, wood and glass.
  • For each model with DXF, a PDF file for cardboard assembly has been added. If you print PDF at 100%, it is 100% DXF compliant. Thus, at first you can make a product from cardboard, and then, for example, cut mirror plastic on a laser machine and stick each tile to the corresponding polygon to create a mirror product. Each polygon is numbered, so you can find matches, just list them in detail.
    To create a DXF file from metal, you can use it to cut metal. Do not forget to number the details, just creating a model from cardboard, you can easily find the correspondence and location of the parts.
  • It is worth saying that each model on our website is checked for the quality of polygons. That is, each polygon having more than 3 faces is absolutely flat. This is necessary so that you are sure that the use of solid materials, such as metal or glass, will look perfect.
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