Universal assembly instructions for papercraft models

  1. Pushing
    Push through the places marked with dotted and dash-dotted lines. We recommend this to be done with thin, blunt dots pen, under a steel ruler.
  2. Cutting
    Cut the parts along the contour marked with a continuous line. You can cut in any way comfortable for you. Scissors or a knife under the steel ruler. If you use the knife you will need the same mock mat or glass.
  3. Folding
    Qualitatively prepare the bends. Bend at the places indicated by the dotted line at yourself, the dash dotted away from you.
  4. Gluing
    Glue the parts to the same numbers. You need to glue the flaps inside. All models are assembled on the same rule, the geometry will not allow to make mistakes. Just glue all the numbers together and the model will be the same as it was intended.
  5. Details of complex reamers can be additionally numbered in large numbers, this is done for convenience, parts should be glued together in order of growth.

You can try building one of the free models to practice.

Instruction ENG 2

Instruction ENG 1

Diamond trial model 10cm

Head ring, for masks

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