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Design and structure of figures

The polygonal style can convey almost any idea, while the products will look stylish and modern. Faceted Art Nouveau style abstracts the viewer from the exact forms and familiar colors, which makes any faceted sculptures authentic. Polygonal sculptures can decorate the space of a shop window, a photo of a zone, a store, an atrium, a park, etc. At the same time, they will be perfectly combined with modern technologies and electronics in one space or on one wall.

The technology for producing faceted sculptures is cheaper than many analogues. Figures can be both for a one-time event and for permanent placement. There is also a huge selection of materials all this will allow you to vary the price and find the optimal budget.

Depending on the size of the product and its purpose, the products may be empty or reinforced. The faceted products themselves have a body rigidity. It happens that this is not enough, and it is possible to strengthen the structure with mounting foam using an aluminum profile, plastic, etc. The rigidity of the product can vary, it all depends on operational requirements. All technical nuances must be taken into account individually for the project.

Small wall models are most often hung on a nail as a painting.
Medium or large items are hung on self-tapping screws or glue.
Large floor models for installation should be equipped with hinges extended from the frame.
In suspended models, in cases with large figures, one or more loops must be provided for hanging on a fishing line or cable.


All polygon masks have standard sizes and are suitable for all adults; They are universal, if you want to make a mask in the version for children, you just need to reduce the scale by 20% when printing a template.

In large masks covering the entire head, the ring is integrated, thanks to the ring the mask is put on like a cylinder hat and pressed close to the head, you can walk with it by turning and tilting your head. If this is a half mask, it needs to be fixed with an elastic band, rope or cardboard tape.

If you plan to make a mask out of cardboard, we recommend using a material with a density of 220-300 grams per m2.
Also, after that, you can glue a mirror plastic 1 mm thick or other hard material to the mask.


You can order the development of the project according to your idea. We will develop a design and prepare drawings for the manufacture of any material. Just write what you want in any way convenient for you.

You can purchase the product on our website by clicking “Add to Cart” and then following the instructions to make a purchase and proceed to payment.

We create a custom product that you can pay through the site in accordance with the standard procedure, and the files purchased for the custom product will be available in your personal account.

We guarantee assistance if you encounter difficulties using the product. If for some reason the model did not suit you, we will provide you with a coupon for the same amount for further purchases on the site.

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