Four 3D elements of marvel-themed wall decor. Free Templates

Wall sculptures in the style of superheroes. Hulk with three body elements and two fists, iron man, captain america’s shield and spiderman. The sculptures are made of metalized cardboard and filled with foam for rigidity. The sealant is polyurethane foam and pieces of foam. The backs of the figures are made of heavy cardboard binding for rigidity and for fastening to the wall.

These are large, detailed, complex shapes. To do this, you need cardboard with a density of at least 300 grams per m2. Below we will post links to download these free templates. You can make exactly the same or change the dimensions and material as you wish. In this project used mirror plastic instead of white, and instead of black we used glossy plastic.

This is not a commercial project solely for your hobby!

Links for downloading PDF files in A2 print format

A2 Captain America’s Shield

A2 Iron Man

A2 Hulk

A2 Spiderman



Sizes of figures when printed on A2 format at 100% scale. It is easy to make 3D figures of superheroes from cardboard in the following sizes:

Captain America’s Shield 75*75*7,5 cm
Iron Man 100*127*59 cm
Hulk 140*100*43 cm
Spiderman 130*49*72 cm


15 thoughts on “Four 3D elements of marvel-themed wall decor. Free Templates”

    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev

      Yes, you can print in a smaller format. The original format is A2, but you can print on A3 and A4, in this version the model will be smaller. The size you get take a look at this page:
      Note that the smaller the figure, the more difficult it is to collect it! For example, the shield of Captain America will not be a problem when reduced, but the hands of a spider-man will be much more difficult to assemble in A4 format.

  1. Anto Gutierrez

    Holaa!, tengo pensado hacer spiderman y recortando me di cuenta que no está 3B, eso fue error? o esta bien? y hay algun tipo de instrucción para pegar bien cada parte? d3 antemano muchas gracias por contestar!

    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev

      ¡Buenas tardes! La parte 3B está en la primera página si entiendo correctamente su pregunta.
      No hay instrucciones detalladas para este modelo. Pero el modelo se ensamblará fácil y rápidamente si sigue el orden de los números en orden ascendente. Este principio de numeración de piezas se utiliza en todos nuestros modelos.
      Las instrucciones universales básicas están disponibles en esta página:
      ¡Gracias por su interés! Le deseamos un agradable proceso 🙂

      1. holaa! sii, me había equivocado, el que no encuentro es el 3A, no B :/ muchas gracias por responder 🙂

  2. Exactly! After the first palm with fingers I stopped working on this model for two weeks)))
    And now assembled it till the shoulder.
    Next is the second hand….
    But I love it. Great job, Rostislav!

    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev

      Thanks! Great, we are waiting for the final, we are waiting for the photo of the finished model.

  3. mishkatafreen1111

    i want to ask that we can only the models of marvels why can not we print the other models also

    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev

      You can print any sweeps that are on the site. Maybe you have a question about the printing method?

  4. Sara Mohammed


    Thanks for this. It is really wonderful.
    Can you please let us know what you filled it up with to make it hard. did you use spray foam Foam ?


    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev


      We used polyurethane foam applied by a tool.
      The technique is unusual.
      1) you need to apply a little foam and smear on the inner surface with a gloved hand. A spatula will not work, you need to smear it with your hand. You need to smear evenly and in a thin layer, beating the lumps. A glove is required !!! In no case will there be burns with your bare hand!

      Then wait 1 hour and apply the second layer!
      Blow out the third layer immediately and add some foam pieces. Note that the foam expands, you need to leave room for expansion!фл+ашч&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiurtqslfXtAhUZzhQKHdUUAVIQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=assembly+foam+фл+ашч&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQAzoECAAQHjoGCAAQCBAeUNlXWI5xYIVyaABwAHgAgAFsiAGrBZIBAzUuMpgBAKABAaoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1nwAEB&sclient=img&ei=HCrsX66wM5mcU9WphJAF&bih=1309&biw=1253&client=opera&hs=SaE&hl=ru

  5. Esteban XR

    Este una pregunta, se imprimen en hojas tamaño carta o tiene otro tipos de medidas de hojas?

    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev

      Todos los productos están impresos en tamaños A4; para imprimir en Carta, debe ajustar ligeramente la configuración de la impresora.

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