Polygonal style, triangles and polygons, which is better?

This article does not apply to models designed for games or videos, because the principles discussed in this article are valid for polygonal modeling of future physical objects in a crystal style without round ones. Accordingly, the optimization rules are different.

The style of a polygonal 3D model can be divided into two main types. The first is triangles, the second is a plane with more than three faces.

Why is the boundary number of angles equal to 3? It is easy to guess that the minimum number of angles that a plane can consist of is 3 pieces, by analogy with a chair that needs at least 3 legs in order not to fall.

Let’s discuss the benefits of triangular and polygonal polygons in models.
Advantages of triangular polygons:

  • The first advantage is the design. it is uniform and uniform over the entire surface, since it consists exclusively of triangles of simply different shapes and sizes. Great for conveying rounded or abstract shapes.
  • Another advantage is the guarantee of the absence of curved planes, as this is not impossible. Three points always form an even plane.

Of the shortcomings, a denser mesh for the same shape, for example, in a model with squares, will be 2 times smaller than the face, this is logical, since they do not have diagonals.

Now, in turn, polygons with more than three faces have several advantages:

  • A simpler mesh consisting of fewer faces. Simply put, the same model can be created with fewer details, twice, while maintaining the same shape.
  • The use of complex polygons in the simulation allows you to overcome many more situations where the triangle is inappropriate, the hexagon will look perfect. The most interesting polygons are numbered in the images below.

The disadvantage is the complex optimization of interdependent faces to achieve perfectly flat faces. All models on the Lacrafta.com website are optimized and have perfectly flat planes.

Non-optimized planes must be either flat or have diagonals. Since such curved polygons will create big problems when assembling from cardboard. And from solid materials: metal, plastic or glass, it will be completely impossible to assemble.

So to summarize:

  • Triangles are easier; This is a minimal brick. Most suitable for filing abstract rounded shapes.
  • Complex planes are more suitable for symmetrical shapes, for models with straight sides or, if it is important for style. But work with optimization should be mandatory!

These two styles in their pure form are rarely used. Almost every model has triangles and complex planes.

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  1. I am glad and nice to be a visitant of this everlasting blog ! appreciate it for this rare information indeed!.

  2. oswaldo paoletti

    Hello, I bought a jaguar mask, but I have problems to put it together, will there be a video that serves as an example to put my mask together.


    1. Rostislav Lavrishchev

      Hello, thanks for purchasing the jaguar mask. All masks are collected according to the same principle, unfortunately, we do not have time to release video instructions for all masks, but many such videos on other masks are available on our Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lacrafta, Please watch some videos and the assembly principle will become clear to you, we also recommend visiting the page with universal instructions for which you will understand the principle and be able to assemble any polygonal model: https://lacrafta.com/percraft-instruction/ In the future, a video on the assembly of this mask is possible, we will let you know how it will be ready.

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