The beginning of Lacrafta

Why is Lacrafta not a collection of projects from various authors?

At the time of the launch of the Lacrafta startup, the market for polygonal sculptures had not yet developed in the same way as, for example, the market for 3D models or digital photographs, etc.

Let’s compare it with similar projects, such as large sites specializing in selling files for 3D models for games, video production and advertising materials. The market for 3D models is huge, there are thousands of experienced development specialists in the world, and the electronic file of 3D models is used in the vast majority of cases to create electronic products such as games, advertising posters, and video materials.

Subsequent processing of the electronic file does not bear the risk of distorting the physical material, while the production of material products, as in the case of templates for the manufacture of polygonal sculptures, carries a material risk, regardless of whether you want to make a paper craft model or a product from a low-polygon metal product. Accordingly, given the market’s underdevelopment and high template requirements, Lacrafta’s operating principle is a design publication that employs template specialists for low-poly models. However, Lacrafta does not work as a platform for hosting projects of all comers.

An additional advantage is our technical support and help with working with files.

On one of the most common hand-made selling platforms, there is a section where many independent people publish templates for assembling Paper craft models. Many of these models are unreasonably overpriced, many, frankly, are not professionally designed, and you will only find out in the middle of the assembly process. There are also no templates for serous projects, as an example of a large product from various materials with instructions and files for CNC cutting.

Lacrafta strives to become the best business partner in the field of polygon products. With extensive experience, we help companies around the world to make successful beautiful projects for their customers.

8 thoughts on “The beginning of Lacrafta”

  1. Diana Mejía

    Buenas noches
    Me puedes dar información, necesoto una plantilla de la máscara de leon en 3D

  2. Cynthia Stone

    It would be nice if some instructions came with the project. Such as the two different dotted lines. After folding one of the sheets I figured out which one meant which way to fold.

  3. Cynthia Stone

    I found four instructions and if I understand them correctly I may have bent them the wrong way. My fish came out ok but the marking lines are on the outside. I will further look at you examples. Thank you for all this information.

  4. Rolando Munayco

    Muchas gracias por existir, tienen muy buenos diseños y son muy manejables. Éxitos

  5. Flo Hill-Rennie

    I have downloaded the pdf templates for a number of your free images to get practice putting them together. Do you produce the dog or svg file for these, as I could then cut them on my cricut cutting machine

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